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Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection

for G Suite & Office 365

Cloud Cybersecurity and Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for G Suite

Spinbackup for G Suite

Protect your organization against ransomware, insider threats, and human error by identifying business risks and security threats, and by backing up your sensitive data to a secure cloud storage at GCP or AWS. Save time and money

by fully automating data protection at your organization.


Cloud-to-Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery for MS Office 365

Spinbackup for Office 365

Automated daily backup of your sensitive SaaS data to a secure cloud storage at AWS or GCP across USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Protect your business against data loss disasters in the cloud that mostly come from ransomware and human error.


The combination of Cybersecurity and Backup provides the most sophisticated protection against ransomware and insider threats.

Over 49% of companies face monthly data loss and leak due to

human factor and ransomware.

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