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Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft cloud platform is a set of integrated computing, storage, data, and network services and applications.

What is Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible platform that provides all the necessary building blocks for rapid construction, implementation, and management of cloud-based solutions.

The cloud you can trust, with the numbers to prove it


compliance offerings—the largest

portfolio in the industry

App Service

Quickly build, deploy, and scale enterprise-grade web, mobile, and API apps running on any platform. Meet rigorous performance, scalability, security and compliance requirements while using a fully managed platform to perform infrastructure maintenance.


Access cloud compute capacity, virtualization, and scale on demand—and only pay

for the resources you use


Massively scalable, secure cloud storage for your data, apps, and workloads


Connect cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services, to provide your customers and users the best possible experience

Why Azure is the right choice

Create your Azure free account today

Get started with 12 months of free services

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